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The Trough 2018

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The Trough 2018

The policeman of TroughUndercover made a name for Yu Chau after he had put the criminals behind the bars. In the case of child abduction the Yu lining is swollen, like many criminals catch. In his lifeline, Yu must use his spirit and strength to lead the mysterious team.

Language: Cantonese

Subtitles: English / Malay

Classification: NA

Note free of charge: March 22, 2018

Genre: thriller / thriller

Execution: not available

distributor: GSC films

Cast: Nick Cheung, Xu Jinglei,Hey Jiong

Director: Nick Cheung

Layout: 2D

Sony Pictures Animation Star, a small but daring donkey named Bo, is looking for a daily life in the city mill. One day he finds his courage to free himself and finally he goes to the adventure of his dreams. During his trip, Ruth, the sweet sheep that lost his herd, and Dave, a high standard pigeon. Three funny cameras and a staggered eccentric animal, Bo and his new friends, they go on and become random heroesa great story ever – first Christmas.

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