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Geostorm 2017

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Geostorm 2017

While the satellite network aimed at global climate change begins to attack the world, it is running against an hour to detect the real threat before Geostorm’s global isting everything and everyone. When catastrophic climate change threatens the existence of the World, the world’s united governments and poisonous Boy Dutch: a global satellites network neighboring planetary weapons and geoengineering technology, which are aimed at preventing natural disasters. after the success of the planet for two years, somethingwhatstarts getting worse. Two brothers of the brothers are supposed to solve the effectiveness of the program before the Geostorm of the world can take the world.

After a natural series of natural disasters threatened this planet, world leaders meet, and create a complex satellite network to control the global climate and ensure the security of everyone. But now something has failed – this system has been built to protect the World is attacking It’s the race and time and the real threat before the global gas burnseverysomeone with him.

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