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Snipping Tool

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Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool ++ application is easy and free, which allows users to make certain page-line screenshots. This version is the official update of the Snipping tool and offers a special improvement over the previous ones. Running Java is necessary for the package to function properly.

Features and uses

There are many examples that a user needs to save part of a web page. Some examples, such as file ordering or processingto be shared with many users. The advantage of Snipping Tool ++ is that many languages ​​are supported. The source is only available in German. It also has a polygon image editor to expand your site’s specific information to solve privacy issues. You can use the full page image or participation to register.

Other benefits

The Snipping Tool allows the user to save everything from the Files directly to your hard drive. However, the fileIt can be uploaded to the Imgur website. As an Megabyte + tool, it offers small memory traces based on options.

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