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Zoo Tycoon 2

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Zoo Tycoon 2

Zoo Ticoon 2 allows the player to create his own zoo from scratches. Build and save the best zoo in a rented country and guide the right staff and take care of the number of animals while remaining profitable. Open Sandbox for creative thoughts can be expectedfrom the magic genre of video games.

Create a profitable zoo for your dreams

The ultimate goal of Zoo Ticoon 2 is to create a zoo that creates profits to ensure that customers continue to return. Set up snack and coffee shops so your guests can continue to make moneyearned money. With many different types of players who have access to animals, they must provide the right environment, such as forests or savannah for creatures. In addition to the main zoo building, there are several problems and scenarios for the game to be interesting. Great graphics and vibrant creativeFun are available for Zoo Ticoon 2 players.

BuildSustain hostility

Building your own zoo, and then studying the experience. Support this – a good challenge. Happy animals and even happier customers always attract money, and you can invest in modern equipment again. the zooTicoon 2 – the perfect game for creative thoughts of animal lovers and potential millionaires!

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