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The Sims 4

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The Sims 4

NOTE: This is a stand-alone version, updated for, including ALL DLC, MULTI languages.

If you have a problem, the source is currently not activated. You can fix it: place the game as a shortcut, for example: C: game (long way), start the Run as Administrator game (by the way, remember, switch offyour AV / Firewall before you start using too much) Enjoy;)

PS: When does your game begin? or, you will have to wait a few seconds before the game is loaded (it’s nothing to happen, only a slow game begins)


create divers and dogs, add them to the homes of familiesto change their lives forever and take care of neighboring animals like a dog veterinarian in The Sims 4 cats. Powerful tool “Create a pet”, you can personalize the cats and dogs, each with its own unique look, different behavior and expressive clothes for the first time! These beautiful,everyday satellites will make your new life new and will change the special ways. Treat animal diseases as a veterinarian and start your own clinic in a beautiful seaside world where you can open your own simulant pets


Make cats and dogs. Use the powerful Create Pet tool to customize your perfect cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. Choose from a variety of varieties, send excellent people immediately control their functions. It’s easy to personalize theirjackets with unique models for your true pet, dreaming of pets or being imaginative. For the first time make your look full of special clothing and accessories.

Connect with your livelihoods. Experience the company and have fun that shyfriends bring the lives of your guys. Cats and dogs have their own minds and form special relationships with Sims based on their everyday interactions. You care about these, train and play games with your pets that are different, and sometimes bizarre animals,exhibition

Become a veterinarian and perform a clinic. He builds a clinic for animals, hires professional staff and continues to work as the most anticipated veterinary city in the city. You have control over the offered daily activitieservices for what you pay. Your Sim can diagnoseand cures pets with critical surgery or treat pain and other conditions with simple drugs.

Visit Bridgeton Bay. Explore the shores of Bristol Bay, a new world where you will find Simsay their livelihoods can live and enjoy outdoor recreation.Play nearby marinas port ports, walk to the lighthouse or go to the park to build a barrier and meet other pets. Be careful with losing pets that you can take as their own.

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