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The Evil Within 2

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The Evil Within 2

Shinji Mikami, the ultimate horror in the evolutionary like the grave Within two survived. Detective Sebastian Castellanos lost. However, you can not save it, she had to do with his daughter: a dream comes when and what is in the world: again, to the Stem. But by the menaces is a wonder in every corner of the world, this point shall be round about him, and I will bring back them. Sebastian, however, cope with the wretched soul, and arms had nothing left for the sins of us, or of a shadow?

– Get out

– .iso recording or assembly

– run andinstalling

-Codexinstallation of a copy OEM

– Play

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Evil 2 (c) Works Bethesda

Date: 10/2017 Sponsoring vapor

Records 1 Genre: Powerful

Shinji Mikami is the latest masterpiece from the grave 2

Sebastian Castellanos, a detective Evolution Survival Horror

When you miss everything had to save daughter

This is the world stems from a nightmare. terribly

Threats arose throughout the world uicesEt carts

Not a lot Sebastiandifficulties?

Snare they fall into the trap and survive.

For more information:

– Get out

– .iso recording or assembly

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General information;

– Do not throw the game is played in an executable file that your firewall

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Not at all:

Operating system Windows7 (64-bit versions)

Processor: i5-2400 Dual Core / FX or better (8) 320

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB is better / Intel HD 2 (7) 970 or 3GB

Memory: 40 GB of available disk space

It is recommended:

Operating system, Windows 7 (64-bit versions)

Processor: i7-4770 Dual Core / 5 Ryzen or better 1600X

Memory: 16 GB RAM

Graphics, NVIDIAVI GTX 1060 GB / 8 GB Intel Pentium CX, RX or better 480

Storage: 40GB disk space

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