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Counter Strike 1

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Counter Strike 1

We know that Counter Strike (original and inaccurate) still exists with this great game. But there are major problems: Today you can not play online again. No worries. We have gifts for you: protestZ-Bot. It’s a great style for a CS that can be downloaded for free and you do not need it Steam!

SolutionFor those who want to play Strike Counter Strike Z-Bot, a name is recommended that allows you to play and share with cubes. Robots are non-human games participants, Controlled by AI (Fake Intelligence) games.

With this mode you will be able to continue to enjoy the striker after all the yearsfailure. This version, one of the scientists, is out. The valve does not support CSS so it can not make a legal online game. With a robot, at least you can continue to play, even if your opponent is a machine.

Personalize your experience

Z-bot fake policy includes several options for your ownYou can adjust the level of problems, the weapons they have, the control, the amount of reality, this big disadvantage was that its authors have not improved for years. Fortunately, based on what we read at the conference, Counter Strike Z-Bot has no problems.

No zombies or offensive:classical life

Attack on Neon Zombies, Strike Counter Strike, Counter Strike Online 1 and 2, Counter Strike Global surprise does not matter that the counters came a few years ago: the most famous version. Therefore, we are not surprised that the Counter Counter has one download and one of the most comprehensivecharacteristic of the series. Now it’s time for you to be happy too.

This mod does not provide the Conformity Compliance version. You need to download CS CS from another source, although it’s very difficult today.

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