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Happy End 2017

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Happy End 2017

family drama located in Calais, a European breakout crisis. Gradually succumb to dementia, George Laurent, vosmydesyatyrichnyy father of Loranta rich verhnoburzhuazna uncomfortable family shares his treasure house in Calais of a noble foreign forest, husband of sisas Thhomas and Ann, his old daughter, who took over the family construction business. Separated and cold, Anna was forced to deal with the consequences of a catastrophic disaster caused by Pier Pier which did not disappoint,while at the same time urging Thomas of Thomas from mysterious poisoning led to the fact that his 13-year-old daughter lived with her father and her new wife, Anas. Undoubtedly, in this family everyone has a frame in the closet and, because Lorents’ destiny was born with a constant and unworthy desire, a special unity and anxiety But in the end some secrets are more than others.

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