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Prototype 2

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Prototype 2

Prototype 2 is better than we expected. History is a strong story and is the main character that can participate, but what’s more, the game has improved in every way to achieve the best solution for the sandbox. Prototype 2 is a good game.

You played Sergeant James Heller,who has strength that suits the soldier. A deadly virus came to New York, your family died, and there was nothing left to die-not only Alex Mercer, the first prototype.

prototype2 New York is divided into zero areas, depending on the virus infection. It’s green, safe,yellow, poor and full of barns, the virus is detected and red, which speeds up the virus. In all these areas, Alex Mercer will meet with him. Through other people, Sergeant James Heller takes his identity and recites memories.

In addition, Prototype 2 makes it very fun – jumping, rock climbingand the flight is a great city, and the battle is very diverse and boring. challenge As you increase, you need tactics and better varieties to overcome enemies and bosses. Infiltration of enemy units is also pleasing among the visual appearance of many other people. When you go to increaseavailable options, such as changing the soldier biologically, do not forget that the game Prototype 2 has 18 points for one reason!

Heller Engage is a character, an excellent and often amusing game show. Prototype 2 sounds, in general, They are excellent, with amazing sound effects. They also have nice graphics.New York looks great and full of life, and this detail makes it an urgent navigation environment. Helicopters and Prototype 2 cisterns look great, especially when you share them.

In general, Prototype 2 is very nice to improve. Monotony sometimes happens in some missions, but in general,Radical Entertainment learned from its mistakes. In the most fascinating situationThis one last year, passionate story, charismatic characters and exciting graphics. Do not miss

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