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Pinjamkan Hatiku 2017

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Pinjamkan Hatiku 2017

Pinjamkan HatikuWhile to go to his hometown, he discovered that he suffers from a serious illness of novelist Lyle. Then it becomes easier to attract can Naufal, a childhood friend, has long lost his faith. Two are falling on each other. But Happy day for a long timenot for long, since the Naufal suddenly disappears. However, we also touched on Naufal, Laila decides to marry her doctor, Dr. Hasnan, and start all over again in New Zealand. However, in the past, love is so hard to forget, and soon begins to threaten her wedding.

Language: Malay

no title: No

He added:P13

General Release date: November 30, 2017

Genre: drama / romance

Duration: 1 hour 59 minutes

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Cast: Aida Market, Shahezi Sam, Farid Camille, Natalie, Jacob Normah Damanhuri

Director: Ali Osman

Format: 2D

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