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Adobe Photoshop CS6

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Adobe Photoshop CS6

What’s New Photoshop Extended?

Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS6 software offers more magical, innovative features and enjoys the Adobe Mercury Graphics engine. To adjust the most accurate and modern 3D images, create 2D designs and movies using new tools and flows. *

Photohop CS6 Extended Features

Your designer and enhancing your productivity. The extended Adobe Photoshop CS6 software is free in the new Adobe Mercury Engine engine, based on content, simplified simplified3D artwork, tools for design tools and more. *

Smart content item: The Patch image has more control over Content-Aware item, which is the content that will be used to create your insurance.

Mercury Graphic Engine: Follow quick results when editing images, such as Putting and Puppet Warp, when editing images, creating 3D art, popularity and other functions.file *

Improve 3D performance – Improve the functionality of your 3D function. View shadows and reflections in all editing methods,speed up your latest work with the status of Adobe RayTrace and Mercury Graphics Engine and more. *

3D controls in your hand: Useful user interface to create and play 3D intuitively animations. Use in a screen-mounted context with screen controls to run pools for 3D extrusion, location, and object orientation, light editing, and more. *

Creating new designs for design: Create more designs. Get consistent styles and designs, use vector buttons to apply rods withadd slopes to vector items, easy strokes and lines easily, check the column fast and more.

Blur Gallery: Quick viewing for photo control and new interface. Press the switch button. Effects are blocked, then shaped axis or fog rotates between different foci. MercuryGraphics Engine provides instant results. *

New design tool: Make your photos faster and more using a new and non-silly tool. Use your pictures on the screenand use the Mercury drawings engine to see your adjustments directly. *

Modern user configurations: Works with a beautiful and elegant image, dark images of gizawallpapers and hundreds of interesting designs, creating unfolding and consistent experiences.

New features and shadows are wearing: You will soon find 3D authentication, add and improve the shadows and issues of your field field. Drag shadow to change the source source easily transform your reflections, shades, and other effects. *

Creating an intuitive video -brings Photoshop capabilities to edit your video’s photos. Easily add videos, PhotoshopWith great editing tools, combine pictures and images with changes, sounds and effects like transparency and weight.

Background Storage: Continue working with Photoshop back while continuing production that improves improvement efficiency.

Direct Feedback: The recovery option allows events to create a sound to save your changes, without interfering with your progress. Your work article has been saved for 10 minutesand unexpected cut will continue.

Match and distribute 3D objects accordingly: create rich 3D temporarily to connect 3D objects directly to the end of the image and to run a 3D item at the same time using the new option option. *

More user improvements: more secure and new productivity and creative 65, through suggestions from Photoshop Facebook users, Twitter and so forth.

Definition and sharing: To move to your settingsoriginal, work places, settings, and settings on the way you move, you can use Photoshop to share your settings and connect them well. You can upgrade the original release in Photoshop CS6.

Content recognition: Move or expand the selected item elsewhere on the image, and then view Content-Rua Magic Recycle and merge something as a result of a wonderful visual.

Four revolutionary rebels: Remove them by inviting them to use the tips you make. Continue to wear and strengthen the pencil orpie to affect different effects and to store original interest tips.

Blocking images: simplify the purpose of painting and new faces, which provides a good start for real painting effects.

Featured examples: Generating geometrical models is more effective in texts.

3D animation Enhanced: Make 3D cameras, lights, accessories and pictures, including animation time. Recent delivery features have been downloaded in your 3D animation during export. *

Shadowof shadow rendering: You can install shades for more functions, such as GL and Adobe RayTrace delivery modes. *

Match 3D special items: Of course, 3D stars integrate with one 3D object to integrate the same lights with the camera. *

Change space: Easily customize your 3D images with multiple corners *

3D stereo displays and printing: Standard stereo forms (such as JPS and MPOs) in the 3D tube are easily incorporated with simple and multi-set sets.See the image of stereo monitorsstereo or television, or as the print3D image of the lenticular. *

Adobe Flash 3D Out: Adobe Flash 3D Form for easy export of 3D artwork to view web browsers. You also use a 3D sketch on the Adobe Flash Builder software (sold only). *

3D sketching animation warnings: authors immediately when your 3D objects look like a cartoon or cartoon, and jump over the drawing directly to create a brush stroke. *

Strengthen 3D Extruder: create amazing buttons3D and artwork with any text layer, selection layer, path or mask. 3D model design, fast editing, shape control and improved improvements. *

Style Style: Set stylish times and notes You look for consistent guarantees In this way, you can use characters, lines, or comments that are just one click.

Vector Layers: Use the vector layers to apply rods and add tablets to vector items.

Low version is strict: Get sharp delivery and push slightly alongside vector items.

NumberPersonal brainPlay: Easily put personal punches and lines.

Search layer: use the ability to search rows that you need a quick layer.

Lighthouse lighting: With excellent efficiency and good results, 64-bit bright effects and new gallery. The map is featured on Mercury Graphics Engine and enables you to control and screen capabilities easier to reduce the convenience of the screen. *

Delete Oil Filter: Describe your work of fine painting. Control brush, even light and brightnesskeep me growing even more.

Astronomic tips: Create real air effects using water, fast control and glucose colors.

Brush Improvement: Build your hand by turning the brush through the mouse. Powerfully embedded bridges and rollers using Mercury graphics graphics to adjust opacity or difficulty correctly.

10-bit color support: 10mm media player to show how your photos will be visible. Check recording recording, reducing or removing pixels,and to reduce the difference in the flag.

3D LUT Support: Rotate images with 3D Search Luts Lights, including Adobe SpeedGrade. When you can change the red color data, you can turn the LUT color.

OpenEXR Clear Optional: You can change whether or not you have chosen or not to open OpenEXR files, alpha or transparent ways.

Property panel: forget the timing and trap of the property for environmental features, masks, improvements, and quick updates to 3D content property.

AdobeBridge CS6: Manage your multimedia speed, especially with the quality of the files. Adobe Bridge CS6 provides cross-platform with 64-bit support and upgrading package for interface and database.

Adobe Mini Bridge has been reset: place your pictures and documents on Adobe Mini Bridge as fast and easy as the best film.

For microphone display: Use screenshots When selecting and editing items and texts more accurately.

Improved TIFF Improvement: Working with multiple TIFF files.Enhanced TIFF support allows lower depth and maximum file size.

Auto Repair: Get the best results when you change the image to the selected image in the best way to search.

Close the text – secure this time with the ability to enter the text in mind.

Maximum brushcase: Editing and cleaning the size of the brush up to 5000px.

System Requirements for Windows

Intel Pentium 4 at AMD Athlon 64 processor

Microsoft Windows XP * Packing Service 3 or Windows 7 Service Pack 1


To install 1GB of hard disk space; Extra free space for packaging (can not be installed on storage devices for flash memory)

1024x768screen (recommended by 1280×800) 16-bit color and 512 MB VRAM

OpenGL capabilities system


This app will not work without activation. Broadband networking and registration require software activation, registration authentication and online access to services. Enabling the phone is unavailable.

* Function3D and some features and GPUs are not supported in Windows XP.

Changes were changed:

* Adobe Photoshop improves the most important solution to enhancing security, stability, and performance by focusing on many priority priority issues with DD, Crop, Type, Slide, Path, and

English, English, English, Esperanto, Fransis, Fransis *, Hebrew *, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portugues (Brazil), Suomi, Svenska,

* Arabic and Hebrew are supported in the eastern version,and left-hand support, Arabic / Hebrew features and English interface. French in French (Francais *), from left to right, language support, Arabic / Hebrew features, and French interface.

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